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Canada’s acclaimed construction company, DCL Constructions, is on a challenging but promising mission to bridging Canada and European standards together in an exclusive partnership deal with MK4.


MK4, a renowned European supplier of bridge components and specialized equipment is on the verge of signing a distribution agreement with DCL Constructions with a view to becoming an exclusive partner in Canada (apart from Quebec). Under the distribution agreement, a new company known as MK4 Canada will be launched.

MK4 is a globally recognized bridge component supplier, reputed for their high-quality, specialized bridge construction products. Delivering on MK4’s motto of a ‘global’ business model, DCL Construction sees this partnership as a remarkable opportunity to steer international expertise and to leave an indelible mark in the Canadian Construction section.

It is our expectation that this distribution agreement will expand DCL’s ability to provide one-stop Bridge and surpass construction services through more extensive and higher quality components for bridges. At MK4 Canada, quality and precision is our priority, hence; we intend to bring only the best components to extend our capacity in offering what we are best at. This would be a vital step in our local clients’ future and our company’s value!

With the trusted and reliable reputation that DCL Construction has established in the Canadian market, we are optimistic that this partnership with MK4 will pave the way for more innovative construction solutions across Canada.

The company expects to bring more complex and more demanding projects onboard with the help of the merger. The merger is expected to bring forth not only more specialized and higher quality components, but also the advanced engineering expertise and innovative methodology of MK4.

Considering DCL’s extensive client base and resourceful nature, this partnership is expected to become monumental in Canada’s bridge construction market.

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