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Health and Safety Rules in the Construction Workplace

Health and Safety Rules in the Construction Workplace

Multiple accidents may happen at a construction site; therefore, implementing, as well as enforcing safety rules must be a main priority of every construction project. To accomplish this, employers have to comply with the regulations established by (CCOHS) (Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety). Implementation of safe site management may boost safety awareness amongst the employees and will assist in promoting a work site which is free of accidents and hazards, which contribute to an efficient and productive construction project.

DCL Construction Limited contractors have over six years of expertise. Our objective includes making ourselves available to customers who have a desire for us to be a portion of their construction team. Also, we truly are dedicated to safety and operating in a safe atmosphere. To fulfill our dedication, we take complete responsibility and possess an effective safety system in place.

Protective Equipment

ppeAll employees have to be provided with, and make use of at all times, protective equipment and clothing specific to their tasks, according to CCOHS rules. Required materials involve goggles, hardhats, gloves, safety masks, coveralls, safety boots, and protection harnesses. Upon some sites, employees might require lab coats, plastic gloves, and paper face masks.


Contractors have to ensure that employees have accessibility to a sheltered room in which they safely can have their meals and take breaks. The break room or rest area has to pose no safety and health risks, and has to be hygienic. For a construction site that has over 15 employees, the space has to contain seating space, a place for boiling water and washing utensils, and storage area for utensils and food. Contractors also must ensure that employees have accessibility to toilets. A toilet has to be within a cubicle form or room that is fitted with a door, in order to ensure privacy. It has to be well ventilated and have a toilet paper supply. Employees must be offered clean water and appropriate accessibility to equipment for first aid.

Site Organization

CCOHS possesses various rules for work performed at various heights, and employers always must take into consideration the risk evaluation at the particular height level while preparing and organizing work. Contractors and employers have to make sure that work at height is properly supervised, well planned, and safely executed. Usually, the regulations mandate that for work performed at high elevation, you have to prevent any person from falling at a distance liable to lead to injury. It may be addressed by using a scaffold platform which has a double guard rail. Also, you can prevent accidents by using equipment which minimizes the impact and distance of a fall. It may be addressed by putting in safety nets within the construction site.

DCL Construction Limited ensures that it consistently adheres to all health and safety practices for both its employees and while on the project. You can trust that our company is very safe when it comes to adhering to strict CCOHS standards of health and safety practices.


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